HR Competencies by D. Ulrich etc…

HR Journey – is continuing quest among comitted HR professionals for greater value-added in their respective organizations.
Dimensions of HR: HR Profession, HR Department and Function, HR Practices, HR Professionals, Management of People and Organization.
During World War II a young psychologist named John Flanagan joined the Army Air Corps and helped developed aptitude tests to select succeful pilots. Competencies have since become important not only in recruiting but in a variety of HR applications.
The six HR Competency domains are:
1) Credible Activist
2) Culture&Change Steward
3) Talent Manager \ Organization Designer
4) Strategy Architect
5) Operational Executor
6) Business Ally
Credible Activist factors: delivering results with integrity, sharing information, building relationships of trust, doing HR with attitude.
Culture&Change Steward factors: crafting culture, facilitating change, personalizing culture, enacting culture.
Talent Manager \ Organization Designer factors: ensuting today’s and tomorrow’s talent, developing talent, shaping organization, fostering communication, designing reward’s system.
Strategy Architect factors: sustaining strategic agility, engaging customers.
Operational Executor factors: implementing workplace policies, advancing HR technology.
Business Ally factors: interpretting social context, serving the value chain, articulating the value proposition, levereging business technology.

(c) HR Competencies: Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business by David Ulrich, Wayne Brockbank, Dani Johnson, Kurt Sandholtz, Jon Younger, 2008, USA


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