TPM Book. 5.Planned Maintenance

(c) “TPM in Process Industries”. Edited by Tokutaro Suzuki

1. Equipment Management in Process Industries

Eqipment charachteristics:

Static equipment: increasing size, use of novel materials

Rotating machinery: bigger and faster, no standby equipment

Measuring and control equipment: increasingly digitalized

Equipment problems:

  • Equipment failures that cause shutdown
  • Quality abnormalities
  • Unit-consumption abnormalities
  • Capacity reductions
  • Safety and environmental problems

2. Planned Maintenance in Process Industries

In TPM, Planned Maintenance based on autonomous maintenance and specialized maintenance and includes 2 types of activities: activities that improve maintenance and activities that improve maintenace technology and skill.

Maintenace Regimes: Time-based maintenance (TBM), Condition-based maintenance (CBM), Breakdown maintenance (BM), Preventive maintenance (PM), Corrective maintenance (CM)

Equipment Management = Early Equipment Management + Management During Useful Life + Scrap = Planned Maintenance

3. The Planned Maintenance System

There are three types: centralized, decentralized, mixed

4. Improving Maitenance Effectiveness

The basic indicator for effectiveness is output divided by input. First measure existing effectiveness using the following improvement indicator:

Results (cumulative annual cost savings)\(Maintenance cost+annual depreciation of improvement investment)

where Maintenance cost = TBM+CBM+BM+unexpected failure repair

Next, strive for breakthrough in effectiveness by reducing the cost of the inputs by optimazing the overall TBM\CBM\BM system.

5. Building a Planned Maintenance System

The Six Steps for building a Planned Maintenance System:

  1. Evaluate equipment and understand situation.
  2. Restore deterioration and correct weaknesses
  3. Build an informattion management system
  4. Build a periodic maintenance system
  5. Build a predictive maintenance system
  6. Evaluate the planned maintenace system    ..  to be continued…Image




2 thoughts on “TPM Book. 5.Planned Maintenance

  1. Hi there,

    I’m doing MSc in Maintnenace Management and I really find the expressed tools very helpful to grasp the process of planned maintenance. Is all the tools from a single source? could you please refer the book for furture reading.

    Many thanks

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