TPM Book. 6.Early Management

(c) “TPM in Process Industries”. Edited by Tokutaro Suzuki

1. Early Management is required in order to save money and maximize effectiveness of equipment etc.

2. Life-Cycle Costing Procedure:

Step 1: Clarify the system’s mission.

Step 2: Formulate several alternative proposals cabable of fulfilling the mission.

Step 3: Identify critreria for evaluating the system and techniques for quantifying these.

Step 4: Evaluate the proposals

Step 5: Document the analytical results and processes

3. MP Design activity minimizes future maintenance cost and deterioration losses of new equipment by taking into account (during planning and construction) maintenance data on current equipment and new technology and by designing for high reliability, maintainabilty, economy, operability and safety.

4. The Early Management System

  1. Investigate and analyze existing situation
  2. Establish an early management system
  3. Debug the new system and provide training
  4. Apply the new system comprehensively

to be continued…


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