TPM Book. 7.Quality Maintenance

(c) “TPM in Process Industries”. Edited by Tokutaro Suzuki


1. Quality Maintenance consists of activities that establish equipment conditions that do not produce quality deffects. Quality Maintenance in TPM is aimed to prevent quality deffects from occuring altogether.

2. Preconditions for Successfull Quality Maintenance

  • Abolish accelerated deterioration
  • Eliminate process problems
  • Develop competence operators

3. Basic Elements of Quality Maintenance ProgramImage


4. Quality Maintenance Implementation: Case Study

  • Prepare QA Matrix
  • Analyze production input conditions
  • Prepare a problem chart
  • Evaluate seriousness – perform FMEA
  • Use P-M analysis to devise improvement measures
  • Implement Improvements
  • Review production input conditions
  • Consolidate and confirm checkpoints
  • Prepare quality component table

to be continued.,,


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