TPM Book. 8. Operating and Maintenance Skills Training

(c) “TPM in Process Industries”. Edited by Tokutaro Suzuki

1. Education and Training in TPM

Skill is the ability to do one’s job, to apply knowledge and experience correctly and reflexively in all kinds of events over an extended period.

Levels of skill:

1-Lack of both theoretical knowledge and practical ability (needs ti be taught)

2-Knows in theory but not in practice (needs practice training)

3-Has mastered practice but not theory (cannot teach others)

4-Has mastered both theory and practice (can teach others)

Equipment-competent operators:

  • can detect equipment abnormalities and effect improvements
  • understand equipment structure and functions and are able to discover the causes of abnormalities
  • understand the relationship between equipment and quality and can predict quality abnormalities and discover their causes
  • can understand and repair equipment

2. Six Steps to Boost Operating and Maintenance Skills

  1. Analyze the current program and set policy and priority strategies
  2. Design a training program for improvement operating and maintenance skills
  3. Implement operating and maintenance skills training
  4. Design and develop a a skill-development program
  5. Foster an environment that encourages self-development
  6. Evaluate the activities and plan for the future

to be continued…