Competition, Collaboration, Negotiation: Game Theory and Multiparty Decisions


Competition, Collaboration, Negotiation: Game Theory and Multiparty Decisions
Carl Spetzler
Paul Papayoanou

What are the best ways to approach decisions when there are multiple decision makers, each with different information, motives, and goals? In this webinar, our speakers will show how game theory can provide useful insights into the competitive and cooperative kinds of strategic decisions regularly made by businesses today. Game theory and other tools from the behavioral sciences can also support negotiations, where different points of view and preferences can provide the opportunity both to create greater value and to allocate that value in a mutually beneficial way.

Our speakers, Paul Papayoanou and Carl Spetzler, are leading strategists, authors, and speakers on decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity. Paul is founder of SGG, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic gaming applied to business decisions. He is a Fellow in the Society of Decision Professionals and his most recent book is Game Theory for Business: A Primer in Strategic Gaming (Probabilistic Publishing, 2010). Paul’s book is a practical guide for making strategic business decisions in the face of uncertainty and complex player interactions. Carl is a world-leading expert in business strategy, innovation, and Decision Quality – an approach to complex decisions that incorporates a deep understanding of the sources of value and risk to create new shareholder value. He is chairman and Fellow in the Society of Decision Professionals, program director of the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program at Stanford, and co-founder and chairman of consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group.





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